WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts – Infographic

50 Useful WP Keyboard-shortcuts-to-use-WordPress-like-a-Pro

A successful business is one that runs as efficiently as possible. TechWyse, Canada’s top rated SEO and Internet Marketing company, powers all aspects of a website so that it runs at peak efficiency.

Put another way, if you can increase traffic to your website and drive conversions, you can grow your revenue. Believe it or not, but there are countless ways that you can increase the efficiency of your business by streamlining things on a daily basis. That’s precisely why TechWyse created this infographic of all of the keyboard shortcuts you can use in WordPress. These will save you time and help you to improve your overall productivity.

This WordPress feature allows you to use keyboard shortcuts not only when you’re working in the visual editor (i.e., typing a blog post), but also when you’re moderating comments. For example, if you’re working in the visual editor, you can undo an action by selecting ‘Ctrl + Z’ (hit the command key instead of Ctrl if you’re a Mac user). To highlight text, press ‘Ctrl + all four arrow keys.’ To save a post (you don’t ever want to accidentally lose a draft halfway through writing it!), press ‘Ctrl + S.’ In order to set up these keyboard shortcuts on WordPress, you will need to go to your profile page, which you can access from your dashboard.  Then, select the keyboard shortcuts check box and save the settings. You can see the full range of visual editor shortcuts below.

As mentioned above, there are also a lot of keyboard shortcuts to help you with comment moderation. Once you have selected comments, you can hit ‘E’ to edit a comment, ‘A’ to approve a comment, ‘U’ to unapprove a comment, ‘S’ to mark a comment as spam or ‘D’ to delete the comment. You can also perform bulk actions. In order to this, you need to select multiple comments by pressing ‘X’ (individual comments) or ‘Shift + X’ to select all comments. Then, you hit the shift key with a combination of all of the action keys listed just above. Take a look at the infographic below to learn more.

We suggest that you keep this infographic handy, whether by bookmarking it or printing it out. You will save a considerable amount of time once you begin to regularly put all of these shortcuts into practice when working with WordPress.