Why Automattic is one of the most awesome companies out there?


As you may already know: the company behind WordPress founded by Matt Mullenweg is called Automattic and they are nothing short of a truly epic business organisation.  They put people first and build REAL sustainable business that prides itself in its innovative and revolutionary operations products and services. They single handily established “open source” for web based publishing given the tools for the world that propels not only millions of websites but provides the freedom to hundreds of thousands of people to be able to work from home / remotely or just simply put; the means to start a web based business easily.

But it’s more than just their incredible products and services that set them apart from the rest. It’s their one-of-a-kind corporate work culture, too. It is this culture that trickles down into everything they do. A culture I hope many business follow in the future.

Although these facts and figures are a little bit outdated (pre 2014) they still prove how imaginative and unique this company is: