TOP 6 Artificial Intelligence-powered Plugins for WordPress


Scientists built a computer with powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI). The first question they asked it was, ‘Is there a God?’ The computer replied, ‘There is now.’


The quote stems from Stephen Hawking and that point will be the so-called singularity, when AI systems can easily exceed human intelligence by continuously improving themselves further (i.e. a time when every device is smart, interconnected, grounding good quality of Big Data, and when for instance replacing not only routine jobs but also those more nuanced ones requiring higher skills and qualifications is a new norm etc.).

Does it mean that people will be expelled from our world to the Paradise? From a painful and confusing world (facing rising income inequality, intensifying nationalism, still gargantuan task of poverty and impoverishment, slow and even stagnating productivity, the withering problem of climate change etc.) to the Paradise in which there is a universal basic income, robots with AI do everything more effectively and efficiently than ever before by improving the living conditions of all? No one really knows.

Just remember that few decades ago we foresaw flying cars, but what we got instead was 140 characters. Future cannot be predicted because it is so non-linear with intensive feedbacks and turning points.


Still, what we can expect is that AI will definitely change the boundaries and meaning of being human. What we can firmly expect is the ever-faster infiltration of AI into industries and platforms we use.

Does it all mean that at one point, WordPress will be run on AI-systems and all WordPress websites will be built and improved further by AI all day long by expelling the human developer from the web?

There are at least 3 reasons not to believe in such a scenario in the foreseeable future:

  • data factor: AI and machine learning rely on the availability and the quality of Big Data. This requires at least two assumptions to be met. 1) open public Big Data at the expense of ever more limiting role of private ownership; i.e. the culture of opening and sharing data must be in blossom. This does not seem to be the case because there is still a strong willingness to keep personal information and data as well as industrial secrets safe etc. 2) All the data on human and industrial activity are openly available and the Big Data is perfect without any error. This is not the case: Today, 0,5% of all Big Data are analysed, 80% of them are non-structured (video, voice), thus Big Data sets have much noise and much of the data require to be cleared. Any non-trivial program can behave erratically, unpredictably due to mere bugs or non-linearity inherent in models. Flesh and blood developers will be required because a small error in Big Data can result in big and distorting impact when it comes to drawing conclusions.
  • security factor: AI and machine learning are available for both sides: ordinary people and are also available to hackers and other criminals. AI and machine learning can reduce the risk of successful attacks, but other mechanisms must also be used.
  • human factor: our society has a cultural lag, the diffusion and absorption of new revolutionary technologies like robotics equipped with AI take time, not only because it would require huge amount of investments in a time when inequality is soaring, but also because human factor: we need genuine care or companionship. A WordPress personal portfolio website will not be easily and fully left to AI-algorithms, but communication and feedbacks to and from the flesh and blood developers. There is also the famous subjectum that can be raised when it comes to AI-based website development. According to the state-of-the-art experience, AI-powered website design is often fall short in creating flattering and appealing design layouts (e.g. wrongly chosen colors, images at undavourable places etc.). This increases redundancy via increasing the efforts needed by flesh and blood developers to check the work of AI. This has been the case with the Grid – which is an AI-based website design builder.


Having all said, AI will help wordpress developers and website owners using WordPress to reach out significant improvements in usability and conversion rate since AI-based plugins help you to:

  • convert your existing tags and categories into dynamic intelligent taxonomies: Aimojo
  • automatically generate code from raw graphical user interface mockups: Pix2Code
  • find the most relevant contents via automatically performed content curation (weeding out the irrelevant contents): MyCurator or Primal
  • customize in an even more dedicated way through widgets engaged in AI suggesting relevant content for the given visitor based on the automatic monitoring of the visitor’s behavior and interest: Kindred Posts
  • improve the visitors’ experience by correcting their typing errors or communicating with them: Did You Mean and WP-A.I-Assistant
  • increase security in the age of cybersecurity: Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Of course, the future with AI cannot be predicted with absolute certainty, a lot will ride on the wisdom of WP developers / site owners with respect to what AI will be used for with what narratives.