Top 5 WordPress plugins for better speed and security

wordpress plugins for better speed security

There is no doubt that WordPress is a technology that has made website creation extremely easy. Now, if you don’t have programming knowledge, there is no problem because more than 90% features of this platform do not require any coding knowledge. In addition to that, with the help of individual plugins, you can perform several tasks from the interface of your website after integrating them. Not all WordPress plugins are equally good quality but some of them create a real positive impression.

Here are the top 5 WordPress plugins which you should consider using to improve your website’s security and speed:

Wordfence WordPress plugin

A successful hacking attempt can ruin a website forever. Firewalls do play important roles but at times, you need something extra to assure protection. This plugin provides state of the art protection from hacking attempts. It can be integrated with a WordPress website. Using it is much better than installing standalone system protection applications. They exert unnecessary pressure on your website.

  • It improves the user authentication level as well. With this plugin, a two step verification process is created for website login. Along with that, it has a captcha feature that provides protection against robotic hacking attempts. This plugin helps system administrators and website managers on a major scale. Using it helps in preventing advanced hacking attempts in a successful way.
  • Installing anti-hacking soft wares is not the best way to protect your system these days. These applications are heavy and have a negative impact on the standard of performance. Opting for this plugin is much better as it is easy to integrate and is lighter in terms of memory size.

Updraft Plus WordPress plugin

It is important to have a backup of files unless you don’t want to end up in jeopardy. These days, cloud based platforms are used for this purpose instead of conventional physical servers so that accessibility limitations are eliminated. This tool is used to pick files and create backups. The process to do this is simple and there is support for prominent cloud based platforms including Google Drive and Drop Box.

  • Forget about lengthy processes to create backups and opt for restorations. Both these steps are completed with single clicks. A database crash can actually result in an entire company closing down if there is no backup. If you don’t have data related to customers and organizational activities, it means that you are back to zero. You can use this plugin and create daily backups. When the unfortunate need of restoration arises, it can be done very easily.
  • You can even save complete copies of WordPress designs. For instance, if there is a functional problem with a module and the website does not work, you would have to go for full scaled restoration. This is only possible if a complete backup is available.

Shortpixel image optimization plugin

The level of competition between websites has reached a high level and continues to increase as well. This environment has made it impossible for slow websites to survive. Customers have a very small level of patience. They click the “cross” button to close the button if there is a lengthy wait. These days, even a time span of 45 seconds is a sign of slow loading pages.

    • A website is incomplete without related images. Visual sources attract people and the business results improve. The flip side is the burden exerted which impacts the loading time. Optimization of images is the easiest and most productive solution to this problem. When the file size lessens, a smaller time span is required for the web pages to load. In this way, the level of performance is improved automatically. In other words, you would not have to worry about customers fading away.

Plagiarism checker plugin by Prepostseo

Producing original content is a big challenge and even the best writers fail to meet the requirements at times. The Prepostseo Plagiarism checker WordPress plugin provides an easier route in this case. From the website dashboard, you can use it to check the originality of a post or web page content. This is a free option so cost does not act as an issue.

  • This tool comes in handy for content writers who are responsible for everything that appears on the website. It is a quick option which helps in identifying copied sections easily and with accuracy. Writers do not need to waste their energy on locating plagiarized material.
  • The plugin is simple to operate which is yet another positive aspect. Some of them are complicated and only technical experts can use them. This plugin does not have any difficult features. More than that, it makes meeting deadlines very easy. Submitting things on time is by far the most complex milestone for any writer. With this plagiarism checking plugin, plagiarized portions are located quickly after which writers can rephrase the parts that require rewriting. In comparison to finding copied parts and then paraphrasing them, this is a much easier alternative.

Optimole WordPress plugin

A lot of websites lose traffic and owners fail to even reach to the cause. A cloud of low performance over the head is a prime reason. There can be countless reasons for this including increasing loading time. If you have a website and it takes a slightly longer span for loading, it might not seem a problem for you. People who access online sources to make purchases or look at services may have a different perspective. For them, websites that have delays should not be considered because quicker ones are available.  Having heavy image files is one of the major causes of increased loading time. One tip to deal with this problem is to optimize the images. When the file size reduces, the time for the pages to load decreases as well.

  • This plugin compresses images and the overall page size reduces as well. It supports all prominent formats including JPEG and PNG.