TOP 10 Awesome WordPress Desktop Wallpapers


A heap of stones is not a house, but this wallpaper makes your wordpress a stylish home for your content.


This woody wallpaper offers pure elegance for your content.


Knowledge is not everything, it must be applied in a creative way. This WordPress wallpaper fully reflects the creativity with which you create a unique website.


Your site will be just “another brick in the wall” of the WordPress Community.


The blue colors of this wallpaper can deceive even the experts who are quite familiar with Modigliani’s bluish colors. The houselights enlighten us, just like the content of the wordpress website.

wordpress wallpaper - powered by WordPress wallpaper

Creative and colorful “Powered by WordPress” desktop wallpaper


Sharing thoughts, insights, opinions is the way to shape our world. WordPress was born to fulfil this aim.


Bridging the gap between the oldschool and modernity is best sought with WordPress.


This wallpaper allows us to see behind the curtain. It is suitable for everyone who uses wordpress to share some subtle and interesting content with the readers.


How do programmers code quickly? The simple answer is: they have a WordPress cheat sheet desktop wallpaper.