The dreaded Themeforest error – “Download not available”


Don’t you just hate to see this error message on your Themeforest downloads page?

Download not available
Item removed by either staff or the author


Let’s say you recently purchased the theme or plugin and the staff at TF or the author suddenly decided to remove the item for some reason that is out of your control. You cannot really do anything, you can’t get updates to the product you paid for. This quite possibly puts the site you built in a sticky position – you put all the hard work in to base your site on a product that you were promised to get support and compatibility updates with.

So what’s the solution to this?

It is surely not ethical as you had paid for support for at least 6 months…

Should you apply for a refund? What if it’s not granted by themeforest?

Should you be contacting the author itself?

Yes, this is definitely a good idea. Often the author has no control over the marketplace’s decision about removing the item. The developer will still continue to support and sell the product externally. In most cases they will be happy to help you out as you were their paying customer.