The Differences Between Web Developers and Software Developers


High-paying tech jobs are in high demand these days, bolstered by an exponential increase in the amount of technology demanded by consumers. With even small household appliances now featuring copious amounts of tech, there is an ever-growing need for programmers, developers, design experts and other professionals who can make it all come to life. You’ve likely heard the term “developer” before and have a general idea of what it entails, but there are different types of developers for different needs. Today, we’ll outline some of the big differences between web developers and software developers, both of whom are absolutely necessary in our modern world.

What Web Developers Do

As the name would imply, web developers primarily work on projects that are utilized and deployed on the internet. Perhaps the biggest role for web developers is the creation and maintenance of websites. This can include the standard design and framework of the website, but may also require intricate expertise if a custom-built solution is necessary. Web developers are responsible for building websites and many of the components that connect seamlessly on them. Some of the more common types of web developers include frontend, backend, and full stack developers. Their importance is vast: just remember that any website you’ve visited has been built in one way or another by one or more web developers.

What Software Developers Do

The world of software development is a bit more varied. This can include many different specific or broad-based skill-sets and responsibilities, and may also involve a variety of programs and interfaces. One common example of something software developers bring to life are the mobile applications on your phone. In addition to this, software developers are also responsible for building every program or application you have used on more standard devices such as desktops and laptops. Everything from video games to office suite solutions has been touched by a software developer whose job it is to ensure every program and utility runs flawlessly.

How to Become a Software Developer

Most commonly, the pathway to becoming a software developer begins in college. Many decide to pursue an online masters in software development or a comparable degree, in order to learn the core skill-sets. During this time, and following the receipt of your degree, it is necessary to constantly be programming. From beta testing to creating your own programs, you’ll want to pick up one or more languages such as Java, C++ or Python. Most people then proceed to search for internships, which can help increase the chances of landing a high-paying job. For example, some of the best software development companies are trying to keep their interns in the company even when they finish their internships because there is a shortage of good developers!

How to Become a Web Developer

The path toward becoming a web developer is fairly similar to that of a software developer. Many web developers actually pursue masters in software development and/or mathematics as a field in college when they decide to pursue this path. Web development opportunities exist in abundance – including freelance gigs – so it will be easy to find plenty of short-term projects to work on and hone your skills while you’re mastering whichever programming languages you learn. Many web developers go into business for themselves because of this, rather than pursuing traditional employment, because of the massive amount of work available to those with the right skills.

Fundamentally, pursuing a career as a developer can take you on an exciting journey filled with unique projects. Whether your talents are better suited for web development or software development may depend on a number of factors, but the career possibilities in both fields are ht work available endless.