New Worpdress TV Ads 2017 – Successful Companies using WordPress in “Rebrand Cities” campaign

Automattic continues to talk the talk and walk the walk. Automattic, the company behind WordPress, as promised, increased the marketing costs of WordPress to spread the message: „with WordPress, you can!”. In the WordPress new 2017 TV ad series “Rebrand Cities”, five business profiles from Detroit are presented without hyping WordPress, but emphasising their success with such a platform. is literally teaming up with small businesses to go online.

It is not surprising that companies’ success is increasingly relying on their ability to be online. WordPress makes it possible in an easy way. Despite the fact that we are walking into the Digital Economy, the share of enterprises in Europe offering products and services online is still modest.

Only 15% of European companies sold online in 2013. Nearly 14% of enterprises received orders via their website, whereas Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) type sales, where requests are processed automatically, were less frequently used as less than 7% of enterprises had received orders by means of EDI type messages. Flash Eurobarometer survey on Companies Engaged in Online Activities highlighted that 80% of enterprises selling online are still using their own websites or apps.

This is why the value of online open source platforms (eCommerce integrated WordPress) has been appreciating and gaining prominence as facilitators of online trade. TV ads will hopefully garner more attention to the potential of WordPress.