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Presenting ourselves, our ideas about a future product or a service, or introducing already existing achievements has been played an often undeservingly neglected influential role in our history.

If we take the history of human exploration, such as landing on the Moon, climbing the hightest mountains or flying in the sky, we tend to think that there is somebody who suddenly has a new innovative idea and (s)he puts it into practice. No, this was not, and won’t be the case. There are dreams of mankind for thousands of years. The interesting question is: Why did the mentioned achievements happened in the early 20th century? Some says because of technology, and it is partly true. Technology did not count so much for climbing the Everest, and for flying. The first airplane was made out of wood and canvas. The Babylonians, the Egyptions had those resources, so they could have built such airplane more than 5,000 years ago. Why did not they do that? Because it was prohibited by the religion and mythology (i.e. only Gods are allowed to fly). The Everest was in front of the Nepaliens and the Tibetans for thousands years, but it was a holy mountain. They were not allowed to climb to the top.

The mindset was shackled by the prevailing religious paradigm that refrained people thousands years ago from expressing their ideas efficiently and effectively via clear and thought-provoking presentations. Innovation means therefore not necessarily new, but new combination of old ideas or making old dreams come true by looking and going beyond old mindset paradigms.

In the renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci presented (outlined and made) airplane models that could have flown according to recent analyses of his pioneering works. But Leonardo was not so stupid to do that because in that case, He would have been burnt and tortured by the inquisition, by the church. Anyway, His presentations are the prime example of the ability of people to start changing the ruling mindset for better lives.


In the new digital age, when enormous amount of information is available, presenting our ideas and achievements are of even more importance. This is why modern keynote templates are of key importance for marketing purposes.

Keynote presentation is a show-window. Of course, it has the well known ‘elevator pitch‘ role, that is to say a keynote presentation is a show-window, in other words, it is often the first contact time with the audience when the presenter must raise interest and awareness in a relatively brief and concise way which is understandable even for the layman.

Leaders’ presentation is crucial. Despite the fact that the correlation between the characteristics of company leaders and the company’s performance where they work is weak (it’s about 0.3% according to the state-of-the-art literature), leaders with the necessary presentation-skills and the use of attracting and engaging keynote templates can effectively create good impressions and brighter picture about the company/product/service in the minds of the audience.

And the halo effect works. The audience is likely to judge positively the given company/product/service if the presenter and the presentation itself seem to be flexible, precise and decisive (while the audience tends to deem the company/product/service ill-performing if the presenter/presentation proved to be rigid, unsympathetic and inconsistent). Additionally, honesty and self-criticism can also trigger better opinions and impressions about the presenter, and finally about the presented company/product/service. Modern keynote templates are quite helpful in this respect.

Don’t forget, people do forget. People’s mind is limited in the sense that if they get new narratives, new insightful information in a form of a good and effective presentation/keynote, their ability is weakening to recall what beliefs they had before in connection with the presented company/product/service.


MARKETING PLAN – Modern Keynote Presentation WordPress Template

A glaring example of a modern keynote template is the Marketing Plan which is a clean and professional multicolor template designed for marketing plan. Big typefaces will allow your client to focus on your data and final analysis. Among its main features, you can find the 16:9 Screen Size (1920×1080) HD, Light & Dark Themes, Free fonts, User Guide PDF, Full Editable in PowerPoint, Easy Editable charts and tables, Handcrafted Infographic, Pixel-perfect illustrations, Editable World map, 800 vector icons set etc.

If you are a teacher, you can import the created presentation into the more and more known Peardeck software to live up you presentations and to intensify feedbacks.

Marketing Plan Modern Keynote Presentation WordPress Template Live Demo | Download

MARKETOFY – Spectacular Keynote Template

With the powerful set of 390 unique slides together with the opportunities for stylish infographics, to colorful vector graphics, and pixel-perfect illustrations, Marketofy can be one of your best choices.

Marketofy Keynote Theme Live Demo | Download

CONNECT – Attractive Keynote Template

When it comes to marketing communication, to signal your voice through the minds of the audience, this presentation template can help you to do it in a highly effective way. This fully editable template comes with over 700+ total professional slides, witch compelling designs (4:3 and 16:9 screen layouts (HD)), and easy to edit features (e.g. Devices mockup (with drag & drop to change screen), Image placeholder etc.).

CONNECT Keynote Template Download

UNTOUCH – Professional Keynote Template

Just one touch and you will go for Untouch. This flat, clean, elegant and flexible PowerPoint Presentation Template seems to be the perfect choice for any kind of presentation (let those be scientific, more personal ones, or about corporate issues) at various compelling events.

Untouch Modern Keynote Template Download


VERZUS – Robust and Attractive Keynote Template

With Verzus Keynote Template, you can create a powerful and professional deck with a striking design in just a few minutes. Supercharged with tons of elements, layouts, maps, infographics, charts editable, vector icons, and many other great features. This presentation template is perfectly suitable for all kind of subjects such as: Website Projects, Company Profile, Investor Presentation, App Devices Launch, Marketing Template, Investments Template, eCommerce Template, eLearning Template, Education Template, Social Media Template, Startup Template and many others.

VERZUS Keynote Template Live Demo | Download

KASPIAN – Awesome and Fast Keynote Presentation Template

The best swordsman in the world may be disarmed by a trick that’s new to him – said Prince Caspian in the Chronicles of Narnia. With a good presentation built on an effective presentation tool like Kaspian, you can disarm even the most sceptical and pessimistic guy in you audience by convincing him/her about your values.

Kaspian is a multipurpose keynote template with modern colors that are used in Web design and bring you trend insights. Great animation delivers dynamism and makes your presentation interesting and unique.

KASPIAN Keynote Template Live Demo | Download

H2 Premium Keynote Template

Your impact will increase once you utilise the full potential of H2 featured with 14,176 Slides Total & 80 keynote Files, 443 Multipurpose Slides, 40 KEY files for Keynote 6 and later, 40 KEY files for Keynote 5 (09) and later, 2 Aspect Ratio (4:3 & 16:9), 8 Premade colors, Slide Master, with many sactions (business model, 3D Section, Data Tree, Silhouette Infographic, Stage Diagram, Network, team, portfolios, puzzle section, general information, handmade Infographics, data charts, maps, tables, timeline etc.)

H2 Professionl Keynote Presentation Template Download


MOTAGUA – Multi-purpose Keynote Template

Impressing your audience is as easy as breathing with the use of this template featured with more than 6,000 slides, handmade Infographics for Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Company Profile, USA, Canada and World Maps, Data Driven, Flowcharts, Mindmaps, Tables, SWOT Analysis, Timeline, Team and Many More!

MOTAGUA Keynote Template Live Demo | Download

BUSINESS – Appealing Keynote Presentation Template

Business is business. By applying the inbuilt opportunities of Business Template, you will certainly reach out more warm applause than ever before. It offers over 300 unique presentation slides, with great professional design and creative ideas. Featuring modern and minimal design, easy customization, designed by teams’ best graphic designers, to get your clients visually inspired. Additionally, Integrated Keynote diagram collections, Keynote maps, charts, cool slides for textual and image data, and Keynote tutorial.

Business Keynote Template Live Demo | Download

BLACK & WHITE – Impressive Keynote Template

Simplest things are often the best. Ouf final selection represents simpicity in the most positive sense. Although it does not offer animation, the 16:9 Screen Size with various further features (Free Font Used, 52 unique slides, Creative Slides, Easy Customization, Latest Version of Keynote Support, Text placeholders, Clean style, Promotion etc.) make it possible for you to give an impressive talk supported by clear visualisation.

Black & White Keynote Template Live Demo | Download

We wish you many successful presentation and never forget: perhaps, our work is always to present our capabilities. For this purpose, these templates may be a great help in your journey.