Logo Design Make Easy: Top Logo Maker Websites


Every great website needs a professional and appealing logo. However, unlike website themes that are abundant and readily available on a variety of platforms, finding the right service for your logo design can be tricky. So, if you are tired of comparing one service with another, then you can save the trouble and get started with the top 5 options that you can use for your logo design:

  1. Fiverr


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Fiverr is one of the oldest and most popular online marketplaces that offers online services in a variety of areas. Here you can skilled individuals offering services like blog writing, web design, language translation, and of course- logo design.

You can get started on Fiverr by clicking the ”Logo Design” link under the Graphics & Design section on the navigation bar. It will display all the available service providers for you to browse and look into. The accounts also have ratings and client reviews so that you can make a calculated decision.

There is no fixed price for the services on Fiverr. So, can find one designer willing to create a logo for you for as little as $5 and another that’s charging no less than $200. However, if you take your time, then you can find low-priced options that don’t compromise with the quality.

  1. Freelancer


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Freelancer is the biggest platform for freelancers across the globe. Unlike other similar platforms including Fiverr, it is more organized, polished and professional. It’s evolved itself as an authority platform for both freelancers and business owners where they come and interact with each other in a mutually beneficial environment.

Some of the prominent features of freelancer.com include milestone payments for controlled project progression and secure payments, free chatting system for better communication, Preferred Freelancer Program that helps find the best of the best freelancers on the platform, etc.

Freelancer offers creative ways for freelance WordPress developers to create and sell some their best WordPress themes, bloggers to write for SMEs and make decent money, and logo designers to offer their services to businesses that need quality branding at affordable prices. However, the system works on bids. So, basically, you post a job and then the eligible individuals raise their bids. You can then pick the lowest bid, or one that’s higher but comes from a more experienced and creditable profile.

  1. Upwork (formerly oDesk-Elance) 


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Upwork is a strong contender to Freelancer and equally popular worldwide. However, it was originally called oDesk-Elance. It rebranded itself later as Upwork to build $10 billion in freelancer revenue.

Just like freelancer.com, you can find a number of skilled logo designers on Upwork.  All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Post a job and share your requirements including the budget.
  • Upwork checks your job details and highlights fitting freelancer designers with the help of its advanced data science algorithms.
  • You can then either appoint a freelance shared by Upwork or find yourself through the website’s search engine.
  1. 99 Designs 


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99designs is a popular graphics design website known for its web designs and logo designs. Here is how it works:

You create a contest for the logo you want by picking an option out of the 4 available which are:

    • Bronze ($299): 30 good designs
    • Silver ($499): 60 better designs
    • Gold ($799): 90 expert designs, dedicated account manager
  • Platinum ($1,199): 60 premium designs, dedicated account manager, designs are handpicked by 99designs

You answer a few basic questions about the logo you want and make your requirement clearer through a slew of options including sliders that allow you to create a balance between classic or modern, feminine or masculine, etc.

Once the contest is started, the designers start uploading their designs and you can rate these on a scale of 1-5 stars. As you narrow down your options by selecting the ones you like, the designers take note and make changes in their designs. Eventually, you get the perfect design that you want!

  1. Online Logo Maker Platforms


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If your budget is small and you need top-notch logo design without having to worry about the reputation or quality of a logo design service, then you can look into some of the best online logo maker platforms.

There are a variety of branding and logo design services on the Internet which are user-friendly, powerful, and able to create premium quality logos in minutes! For instance, Tailor Brands is one of the most advanced online logo makers that’s based on a proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithm. It’s designed in a way that the effort on your part is minimal. All you have to do is tell it the kind of logo you want with suggestions for colors, fonts, etc. It will consider all these factors and create a unique logo just for you!

6. DesignEvo Logo Maker


DesignEvo Logo Maker is also a never-miss-out logo maker which you can use to create different attractive logos. It is free, simple and ease of use. You don’t have to worry about no ideas about logo design, as DesignEvo builds in more than ten thousand of beautiful logo templates for you to pick and customize. Once take a look at those templates, you will feel relieved to easily get one that can meet your need. DesignEvo also provides millions of stylish icons using which you can bring your half-finished logo to the next great level. The whole design work will be done within very few clicks.

logo templates

DesignEvo Logo Maker is free to use. However, if you have a budget for making a logo and want to have more advanced authorities, you can choose the Basic plan ($24.99) or Plus plan ($49.99). Plans are shown with listing of features instruction. Make a careful comparison between each plan and then find out the one that satisfies your demand best.



Today, budding entrepreneurs have a complete range of online tools and resources for graphics design, marketing, branding, etc. that are easily accessible and affordable. Talking about the logo designing services in particular, the options shared above are sure to help you make a decision easily.