Front-end Content Submission & Viral Blog WordPress Themes


Do you have an idea for a viral website? Do you stay awake at night, thinking about all the possibilities of showcasing your creativity and allowing visitors to add to it? If this is your situation then it’s time to get it out of your system. By combining the WordPress platform with a quality front end submission theme, you might just be the person behind the next big thing.

Content submission and viral blog themes are to feel the pulse of the users: to foster their  pro-active participation to reach out co-creation, co-design in sharing moments, memories, experiences, and stories.

Just to get some clarity on the subject, a front end submission theme is primarily focused on getting users to interact with the site. For example, they can share images, videos, posts, and they can even vote on the things they submit. On your end you can choose whether these contributing posts go through a review process, or if they go live directly. Now, there are many terms associated with these templates, for example, viral content sharing and user generated content themes. But in the end they share the same focus point.

As for the WordPress platform, you’ll need it to build and maintain the theme. WordPress is a free service you can use, although the domain and server hosting depends on other elements. The important thing to take away here is that WordPress is incredibly user friendly and it’s the most popular platform across the web. If you don’t know where to start then take a look at the following list. It contains 5 front end submission themes that enjoy great reputations. They can easily be installed through WordPress and within a very short time your viral site will be up and running.

What can you mainly expect from these themes? For starters, they inspire users to become part of the site in some way by making the process quick and easy. Secondly, they typically have very strong social sharing capabilities, which aid in growing traffic substantially. Last but not least, they all have some kind of community building options, such as Buddypress. So, if you’re looking for a 9gag or Boredpanda clone theme, the following list should help you get there. Keep in mind that you can opt for free content sharing WordPress themes, but you get a lot of goodies by choosing the premium packages.

Doberman – Viral Content WordPress Sharing Theme

doberman_picIf you like Buzzfeed and you want to go in the same direction, why not give the Doberman theme a try? It’s quite powerful when combined with the WordPress platform and it brings something fresh in terms of design. With a custom drag-and-drop homepage and several tools specifically for contributions, you’ll have a fun time setting the internet alight.

This is a magazine/news/blog style theme that’s 100% responsive to all platforms, it comes with custom widgets and great typography control, and it’s compatible with all major browsers. Thanks to the powerful social media integration and the amount of options you have regarding the layout, it’s definitely one of the best WordPress content/photo sharing themes.

Doberman WordPress Theme Live Demo | Download

Bunchy – WordPress Theme with Content Submission Functionality

bunchy_picHere we have a theme that’s bound to get your audience interacting with the site, and it’s got so many features it’s difficult to point them all out. But a good place to start would be the list functionality, which is powered by a custom plugin called Snax. It comes standard with the premium version of the theme and it opens up the door for incredible results. Users are in a position to create profiles, they can add to existing posts and they can up vote what they like. You can even create special badges and listicles.

As with any viral blog WordPress theme you can expect Bunchy to be mobile responsive. It has a minimalist approach in terms of design, which makes the contributing factor from users easier. There are no unnecessary distractions, but it looks great enough to draw attention. Building a mailing list will be easy through the MailChimp integration and users will be eager to share on other social platforms thanks to the powerful sharing buttons. And of course, your possibilities regarding the layout are vast.

Bunchy WordPress theme Live Demo | Download


Uploader – Theme that Supports User Content Creation through WP

uploader_picIf you want a WordPress theme that supports user content creation with incredible detail, Uploader is probably what you are looking for. Not only do users get to upload on the front end, but you get to control how much, how little, and the content itself. You can even limit the amount of uploads each user gets to make. In other words, if you only want specific uploads to qualify, you are at liberty to make it happen.

On the backend you’ll get automatic playlist and player skin creation, and all the files can easily be navigated through WordPress media manager. The theme is compatible with Bootstrap, it offers 8 top social networking site profile support and everyone who registers can easily be managed. Functionality and complete control is the name of the game for this Boredpanda clone theme and you’ll discover this the moment you start using it.

Uploader WordPress theme Live Demo | Download

Bimber – WP Front End Submission Theme

bimber_picOne of the more contemporary designs on this list comes in the form of Bimber, and it makes images even more appealing than usual. The theme is incredibly easy to set up and it’s compatible with the Snax Viral plugin, which allows users to make their viral contributions, whether it’s an image, article or video.

Even though all of the above mentioned themes come with powerful sharing buttons, Bimber probably has the most effective. The buttons are powered by MashShare and the theme even has fake share counts for webmasters who are just starting out. You can choose between a full width and a boxed layout, but those aren’t the only options you have regarding design. Some of the other features include rich snippet support, it is mobile responsive and Google page speed optimized, and it’s translation ready.

Bimber WordPress theme Live Demo | Download

Banzai – Media Sharing Theme for WordPress

banzai_picWe’re ending the list with Banzai, a theme that allows various viral formats for a bigger audience. You can get more than just a little creative with this viral content sharing WordPress theme and you can have it up and running within a few hours. With great support from the author, and the viral core plugin that’ exclusive to the theme, you can give Buzzfeed a run for its money.

Choose between 3 different layout types while you create quizzes, polls and lists. All the while users can interact with the site on several levels and upload whatever you want to gear the site towards. Given the big range of viral formats, there is simply no end to the possibilities. In basic terms, this front end submission theme has everything you need to establish a viral site.

It’s compatible with Bootstrap and all major browsers, it’s well documented with great ratings from users, and you’ll get easy social sharing buttons that support more than 40 social platforms. What’s more, the theme is bundled with ConvertPlug and helps you to gather emails from new users.

Banzai WordPress theme Live Demo | Download