Custom WooCommerce Product Options & Pricing Tables with Uni CPO plugin

woocommerce custom option visual builder

Uni CPO – (Custom Product Options) is a Premium WooCommerce Extension that allows you to customize your product options and configure price calculations that are more complex than the default “out-of-the-box” WooCommerce options.

If you own an online store based on the WooCommerce plugin it’s also often required to build a visually satisfying pricing table to showcase the various buying options of your products/services listed on your website.

With Uni CPO you can build custom forms for each of your products with a handy visual editor interface and calculate the price based on a complex formula or a table of price rates. It’s a flexible tool to create numerous custom options for a WooCommerce productWooCommerce extra product options has never been easier to implement.

You can try the free version of the plugin and installed directly from the official repository

It literally takes only a couple of minutes to customize a WooCCommerce product post and add price calculation based on the extra product options of your choice.

What type of businesses can use Uni CPO WordPress plugin?

It almost doesn’t matter what type of online store you run. You can see WooCommerce product demos for various niche markets such as: custom printing services, pizza shops, car insurance service provider, sports equipment online retailer, furniture sales, printing companies, beauty salons and many more. The use cases are pretty much endless as you can create very complex product options in nearly any shape or form that will suit your business needs.

WooCommerce pricing tables, personalized options and price calculation formulas made easy

WooCommerce products custom options - pricing table builder

The PRO version of the product provider even more features:

  • Variable pricing options
  • Matrix option – a possibility to add a table of prices based on the values of one or two chosen variables
  • 4 checkbox type options
  • File Upload Option for adding assets to a product order
  • Possibility for export/import of a fieldset for transportability between site – makes deployment easy for new sites
  • Colorify feature – color parts of the image with layers via custom options
  • Wholesale functions
  • Add highly dynamic info like dimensions, custom labels, comments.
  • and many more…

The last WooCommerce product options plugin you will ever buy

All in all this versatile plugin makes it possible to add custom fields types to WooCommerce products posts and let you display these custom fields conditionally. It is so comprehensive that you won’t need to purchase any other complementary product to create a truly unique and personalized WC product listing.

You can purchase a license for the PRO version from Single site (1 domain) license up to 25 site license – check out the purchase options here:

Product Summary:

Plugin Name: Uni CPO
Type: WooCommerce Extension
Feature Highlights: Custom product options, price calculation, product personalization

This powerful WordPress product was built by the trustworthy Moomoo agency that has a proven track record of great customer service and excellent 5-star product ratings on digital marketplaces such as Envato. With thousands of customers served you can be assured that your this software product will receive regular updates to keep up with the ever-changing WP landscape and keep your site up-to-date and your WooCommerce store functioning.