Best WordPress Themes for AirBnB hosts


Controversies = Opportunities

There are some controversies, say disharmonies, between how the housing markets are regulated in countries and how Airbnb, one of the glaring examples of the emerging Sharing Economy, works. As a consequence, more and more cities are imposing or refining regulation to tackle the negative side effects of the phenomena Airbnb.

What is crucially important for the WordPress community and the future hosts of apartments and rooms at Airbnb is the fact that people are willing to analyse their opportunities thoroughly when it comes to renting for a shorter period of time. It means that there is a big role for WordPress to play because people are searching outside Airbnb too. Plug-in authors and WordPress developers must keep their fingers on the artery of how Airbnb is developed further.

Having all these in mind, creating separate WordPress-based websites by current and future hosts for their listings is highly recommended that will eventually generate much traffic. The following WordPress themes are surely in great help in this respect.

Best WordPress themes for Airbnb hosts

Listify – Listing Oriented Spectacular WordPress Theme


Listify WordPress Theme Live Demo | Download

LISTABLE – Stable Airbnb with Listable WordPress Theme


LISTABLE WordPress Theme Live Demo | Download

City Guide – Listing WordPress Theme


City Guide WordPress Theme Live Demo | Download

Search & Go – Cutting-edge Directory WordPress Theme


Search & Go WordPress Theme Live Demo | Download

MyCity – Geolocation-based Listing WordPress Theme


My City WordPress Theme Live Demo | Download

WP Rentals – Airbnb Hosting-ready WordPress Theme


WP Rentals WordPress Theme Live Demo | Download