Best WordPress Templates for Gaming and eSports Competitions

gaming esports wordpress themes

Creating a website for video games, or in the iGaming arena or better yet for eSports gaming competitions has never been so easy. With so many WordPress templates to choose from, no matter what type of site you want to create or what type of audience you are targeting, there is sure to be a suitable solution for your project.

Do you have a video game blog, a gaming review magazine, a game tournament site, an online gaming community? In this collection of best WordPress eSports and gaming themes you will find what you need to stand out from the rest.

Many of these themes have features similar to what you would find in the best multipurpose templates, including numerous page templates, customization options and a whole selection of free premium tools included. However, what sets these gaming themes apart from other more general templates is their design highly focused on the video game industry and its online competitions.

The themes we will be talking about have many use cases, some of these can be:

  • you may need a website to share your content, perhaps you are a gamer who streams on Twitch or simialr platforms
  • publish the latest news and reviews on video games,
  • promote online eSport events and share details on your site about them
  • you are part of the iGaming sector and write about video slots games – for example like this Italian language slots website ( – siti slot) that discusses slots reviews
  • or sell your own gaming products,

These templates will help you achieve this in a simple and effective way and with exceptional results.

Divi with Divi 4 page builder

The Divi theme by Elegant themes is one of the most popular site builder solutions on the market today. Thanks to its ease of use and its multiple functionalities, it is the favorite template of hundreds of thousands of users. With Divi you can create all kinds of websites. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner who doesn’t know anything about WordPress, Divi has a visual and intuitive editor that allows you to build your site without touching a single line of code. You just have to drag the design elements and place them to your liking.

Anyone can achieve professional results with Divi. Creating a gaming WordPress site is no easy task but if you have the right tools it can be a smooth process and quite enjoyable. And Divi is not only for beginners, it is also great for expert designers who want to create stunning sites in the shortest possible time.

Divi has everything a premium template can offer, including of course SEO optimization, loading speed, demos, customization options, a multitude of features, etc.

Another great Divi feature is the layout packs. These are collections of ready-made designs through which creating your site will be extremely easy. There are Divi Layouts packs for all types of market sectors. They are free, have been developed by the professionals of Elegant Themes and are installed in 1 click.

There is a pack of layouts for eSports and another pack of layouts for Video Games. By subscribing to Elegant Themes you will be able to use the Divi template, the Extra theme, 5 very useful WordPress plugins and the hundreds of layouts available for Divi.

It is important to also say that it is perfectly possible to touch up these divi layouts (pre-designed pages) and leave them to your liking. For them you can use the visual editor of Divi and do everything very easily and in a 100% intuitive way.

Another interesting aspect of these layouts is that they come with a multitude of high-quality images that you can freely use on your website if you wish.

For the gaming sector you have 2 great Divi Layouts packs that you can use:

1. eSports Layout Pack for Divi

This set of pre-designed pages is specially thought for video game competitions. Its great design has everything you need to promote your eSports tournaments with great elegance. Layouts include featured sections to present teams, schedules, and calls to action for online registrations. It even has a special member login page and much more. You will surely love it.

2. Video Game Layout Pack for Divi

The Video Game Layout Pack has been designed to take your gaming site to the next level. Includes stunning illustrations, a dark color palette, and some of Divi’s best design combinations. In other words, this pack will give you everything you need for such a stylish site.

So what is the ultimate choice of theme for eSports, streamers and iGaming?

Without a doubt, our recommendation is that you use the Divi template to create your website related to the world of video games and gaming. This multi-use theme allows you to build all kinds of websites with an elegant and professional appearance very easily. Whatever your type of site, you will also have valuable layouts or predefined designs with which it will cost you nothing to create your website. Specifically, for the world of eSports and video gaming in general, there are 2 packs of great layouts that will provide you with everything you need to have an impressive website.

Divi in addition to being a spectacular template on a technical, aesthetic and functional level, it is a very popular theme. This guarantees that you will have a template forever. Divi enjoys constant updates and improvements. Your website will always be compatible with the latest versions of WP and with the best plugins on the market.