Best poker affiliate WordPress themes

So, you’re just starting out as an affiliate marketer and you soon realize you are going to need a well-performing website. No doubt your easiest choice is to get a site up and running with WordPress. To make things painless and without spending a fortune on hiring developers and designers the most efficient way is to get a functional theme with features and elements that fit well with your target audience. 

If you think you will be making big bucks sitting on your couch with a couple of hours of work and just harvest the dollars flowing into your affiliate accounts, it’s better to face the hard truth – that’s not going to happen so easily. It’s not a “get rich quick scheme” – you need certain dedication and willingness to learn to achieve something.

There is no shortage of low-quality websites built by webmasters who don’t put the right amount of work in to make their site look professional. Other then the design you will also need to write a good amount of quality content. Started to sound a little bit more complicated? Well, it’s certainly not easy to make it in online poker affiliation but success and a semi-passive income is certainly attainable. If you have a background with playing poker you will probably enjoy compiling content yourself in the beginning. Good ideas for content could be: covering poker event, following topics around famous poker players, adding reviews of online poker sites and mobile apps, providing poker game strategy advice and of course poker industry related news. If you want to look at a good example of well-organized poker affiliate content, take a look at a trusted news & review site in the industry that has been around since 2006.

Now, let’s pull up our sleeves and start looking at gambling affiliate and poker WordPress themes that can serve as a foundation for your online money making empire.

1. VegasHero Casino WordPress Theme – Serves well as a poker site template

This is our top choice. The name of this theme might say “casino” however it’s perfectly suited for the creation of an online poker review affiliate site. In fact, there are many power affiliates in the industry who is it as a poker affiliate WordPress theme successfully. A very handy feature this theme offers is integration with a WP Review plugin which allows you to add star ratings and review details which makes posting review articles about online poker sites very easy. The theme also offers a number of handy shortcodes, widgets and page templates specifically made with the gambling industry in mind. Listing poker operators in a table is a proven way of presenting visitors with multiple choices of offers and bonuses as well as having an easy to scan format similar to leaderboards which the common poker player will be very familiar with.

Vegashero gambling poker wordpress affiliate theme

This theme also offers integration with a casino game import plugin that you can use to create a section on your site with card / table / poker demo games. Offering free-to-play games on your site increases engagement on-site and makes some of your important SEO metrics work in your favor – such as prolonged time spent on site and reduced bounce rate.

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2. Poka Theme v2

Perhaps not as versatile as the VegasHero theme but it still does a good job for most poker brand partners. A simple rating system is available for your posted content and there’s a post type for casinos and the review post template allows for a highlighted overview, a screenshots section and a cons & pros panel. A table of offers and links can be added to the pages with a shortcode. Multiple review page styles and category page templates make this theme a good choice for many entry-level users or someone who is just starting out with online poker affiliation.


3. Mercury – Gambling Affiliate WordPress Theme

The design of this theme is very sleek and the content is presented in a news magazine type of layout. There are separate sections for featuring casinos/poker brands, their respective bonuses and games. The bonuses template allow for ample space for detailing the details of the cash offer, you can add a bonus code, call to action and add terms below as well. The games section doesn’t allow for demo games, only a simple image and an external link to the game which is quite a shortcoming with this theme. On the casino review posts, the review criteria list and star ratings are shown in the left sidebar that also displays a call-to-action button with good visibility since the sidebar is “sticky” always shows when scrolling to the bottom, which is a nice touch.


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4. Flytonic Poker Theme

We wanted to include this slightly outdated theme here because for a very long time it was one of the very few choices in this arena. It has a simple design and an even simpler backend which many affiliates find easy to use. You can find a lot of sites built with this theme out there that promoted poker brands for decades and did very well. Nowadays the theme is not really up to date for today’s design standards however we think it should still be here on the list to cover the most popular themes of this industry.


In Summary

We sincerely hope that you liked our selection of the top poker themes available on the market. Whichever you decide to go with will depend on your taste and skill level of using WordPress and creating web pages in general. A good theme can be a solid foundation but won’t substitute hard work and creative ideas to bring your site alive. Just like in a poker game, you need to find a good working strategy and stick to it! Let us know in the comment section which theme you have chosen and it would be great to see the project you are working on. Happy publishing!