Bellevue WordPress booking functionality theme for a Hotel, Guesthouse or Bed & Breakfast


Running a hotel or bed & breakfast comes with many challenges. One of them is breaking through the noise of the competition. Given that it’s a market where a specific audience is targeted, the importance of standing out is so much greater. With Bellevue Hotel, Bed & Breakfast WordPress Theme it’s possible to stand out…and more. The internet is the definitive place where you need to reach new clients, and this particular theme will make it easier than you thought possible.

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The Bellevue Hotel, Bed & Breakfast Theme Experience

Presentation is everything in the tourism business, especially first impressions, and this vacation rental booking theme does exactly that. Best suited for rentals such as hotels, cabins, chalets, beach houses or another destination of the sort, Bellevue combines the ease of running a business and the thrill of building a bigger customer base. The outstanding features allow you to put up a showcase that looks amazing and professional, but also give potential visitors an interactive platform that’s easy to navigate.

What makes this WordPress Theme Special?

There are several factors that make this premium accommodation booking WordPress theme special, but the most obvious has to be the booking calendar functionality. The user can clearly see which dates are available, highlight those that are relevant to their plans, and quickly send the request. The request is then sent to your WordPress dashboard, which you access and approve within seconds. It doesn’t get any easier for individuals to book their dates at any time, and make payments through the WooCommerce platform. It’s secure, it’s private, and most of all, it’s incredibly convenient. More importantly, the theme looks very sleek while simplifying the process. The overall design is truly exclusive to what the perfect getaway should be.

In terms of simplifying the process for everyone involved, there are forms and buy pages that are built into the theme. This means they come standard and they blend perfectly with the design. Apart from just making your establishment look very professional, you can make individuals feel like they are already there.

Key Bellevue Theme Features

  • A Wide Range of Design Options: The Bellevue Hotel, Bed & Breakfast Booking Theme comes with 10 unique templates, 5 demo designs and 5 stylized logos. The templates serve as a foundation towards the holiday booking WordPress theme you want to personalize. In addition to the demos you get 50 layered Photoshop files and more than 350 links to high resolution photos.
  • Great Control: You can really take charge in terms of functionality. From choosing the best layout and icons to adding shortcodes and personalizing the background, header and fonts – you are in total control of every detail. The choice of icons alone range over 1000.
  • Essential Forms and Automated Booking Process: Given that all the necessary forms are part of the theme and the booking process is quickly done through the calendar functionality, you don’t have to worry about impatient clients.
  • WooCommerce Compatibility: The WooCommerce platform that can be integrated ensures that payments are secure, but it gets even better. There is support available for seasonal pricing as well, which takes into account many variables.
  • It’s Responsive: The theme is responsive to all platforms, so it can be accessed through any smart device and still present the perfect image you want.
  • User Friendly: The installation is quick and the setup flows easily thanks to the support that’s available. But the great thing is that the theme will be user friendly for everyone who access it, regardless of the platform they use.

Support and Documentation

The premium package includes all the support you need to get the theme up and running smoothly. These include:

  • Any questions, technical or otherwise, can be asked to the author
  • Assistance in terms of bugs or issue that may arise
  • Video tutorials
  • FAQ

The regular license for support will be available for 6 months after acquiring the theme, but this can be extended to 12 months for an additional fee. The customer service is friendly, responsive and quick. In case you were wondering whether the theme is really worth entertaining, it was created by, a highly rated development team.

Ease of Setup

Just like with any theme, the installation is done once the domain and WordPress account is in place. You simply install it onto the platform and you start the modifications. It’s one of the most powerful blogs on the market today and it’s bound to increase conversion rates.

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