About WPArt.org

The Past…

Originally (back in 2008/9) WPArt.org was a theme directory and a source of free wordpress themes that were used by tens of thousands of websites and was labelled as “A WordPress Theme Exhibition” site. This was the era when WordPress was just taking off as a CMS platform in terms of popularity and some of the themes created by WPArt.org was really iconic in terms of looks such as the “Jeans” WordPress theme which with its trendy looks (again, back in 2009 was trendy) gained a lot of traction.
Over time the original owner of WPArt.org stopped updating the free WP themes which caused a decline in usage and active installs.

The Present…

In 2016 the domain was acquired by another WP developer who decided to make WPArt.org a trustworthy resource for people looking to find reviews, ratings and collections of Free and Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins.
We also make recommendations for services related to running a website which means we often review hosting services, online marketing tools and anything related to website security, performance and creative creation materials involving web design.
Join us and become a contributor by writing an article on a WordPress related topic of your choice and submit it to our editorial theme. We welcome quality and unique guest posts in content categories that are a good match for our subject that is WordPress.