A unique casino WordPress theme for gambling affiliates that can boost conversion and earnings

Vegashero gambling WordPress theme for casino affiliates

If you are familiar with the iGaming affiliate niche you also aware that wasting time and effort is not an option when it comes to making money in this super competitive niche. Just to start to join the major casino and sports betting affiliate programs the minimum requirement for acceptance is to have a professional looking website put together. To get that going quick your best choice is WordPress + a quality premium WP theme built specifically for the gambling industry affiliates. There are only a handful decent WordPress affiliate themes out there. We picked out what we think is the best and reviewed it.

Consider a casino slots WordPress theme that integrates with free to play demo games

There are many ways you can start your affiliate journey, but one of the best markets to pay attention to is the online casino and slots section. Demo games are very appealing to player prospects browsing around to find a new place to bet. As long as they have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, they can access online slots and participate in other casino themed games. In other words, if you invest just a little bit of time in a professional casino website template, you can tap into this mass market. Then it’s just a little push to cross-sell from free – to – real money gambling and you are on your way to earning commissions.

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You can put a professional site together posting 1600+ working demo game pages with your affiliate links embedded into smart looking tables and banner areas in a matter of a couple of hours.

This article is going to help you get started as an affiliate who wants to build a money making site. We’ll be looking at the important bases you’ll have to cover if you want to create a site by using a WordPress gambling theme and make it a success. Plus, we’ll add some useful advice to the mix, just so you don’t run into any surprises.

Get a Realistic Approach to Affiliate Success

Before you even think about taking on this venture, make sure you have a realistic perception of things. First of all, there are thousands of affiliates on the internet. Just about every product on online these days are sold by some kind of affiliate. The same can be said for the gambling market, but the good news is that the market continues to grow.

There is a possibility of making some extra cash on the side, or you can generate some impressive numbers that can pay for an expensive vacation. Everything depends on the choices you make, and how you execute them.

So no, don’t go into this thinking you’re getting rich overnight, because then you’re setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment. Instead, see it as an evolving process that can pay off over the course of a few months, and ultimately snowball into several years.

Choosing the Right Casino Website Template

You want to start off on the right foot, which is going to be choosing the best gambling theme or template. Sure, you can take a look at the free WordPress templates, but you are most likely only going find frustration.

The problem with the free templates is that they are generic in nature. They do all the basics you need, but that’s the extent of it. Some of them might be modelled towards more specific niches, but even then they are lacking the edge you need to get conversions.

If you don’t want to waste your time, go for a professional gambling theme, specifically designed to rank high on search engines, and to keep users on your site.

Some things to look for in a professional casino template:

  • Overall clean and crisp design, with easy navigation
  • A layout that effectively displays the casino lobby
  • It should be responsive to all devices while maintaining quality
  • Can a special plugin be added later to make the site more powerful?
  • The options in terms of design and functionality
  • It should be easy to add games and the affiliate links

Of course these aren’t the only aspects to consider, but they form part of the most important ones. A site like VegasHero comes to mind, which is a good choice if you want to add other interesting content to the casino lobby. And there’s a special plugin that can be added, which handles all the game scouting and updates.

The point is you want a template that specifically caters to users wanting to play online gambling games. You’re not going to achieve this by choosing a free WordPress template that’s actually better suited for photography.

Make the Gambling Theme Site more Engaging

Now that you’ve got the template, you need to make the slots theme site more engaging. This means adding games and content. Like mentioned above, if you use a professional online casino script with a powerful plugin, the casino demo games lobby section should be a breeze. You just install the plugin and let it do its magic. And if the plugin is worth its weight it should take care of updating new games as well.

After importing your games and getting your casino lobby set up, it’s recommended to get some content on the site. These can be based on reviews about latest gambling game releases, or even the casinos that make them available. If you’re working with a specific theme or developer, you can dig into deeper topics and quite possibly get more organic traffic.

It will also sever you well adding other media, such as YouTube links to special game previews and things like that. The more interesting you can make the site, the more engaged users will be, leading to higher rankings and more traffic.

Get to know Your Market and Your Product

Lastly, get to know your target market, and the product you’re selling. In this case, you’re promoting online gambling themes, and they come from several different developers. This might not mean much to you now, but the people who play these games every day take notice. They have a preference as to which developer they’re willing to trust. Try to go as deep into the niche as possible and start targeting smaller areas, then make your way to other areas.

Choose the Right Gambling WordPress Theme, make your site more Engaging, and Learn the Business

These are the principals you want to keep in mind from the moment you start to the moment you stop. Let it become a mantra on your journey, and even though nothing can guarantee your success except for yourself, it sure helps if you have the right tools.

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