5 Best Drag and Drop Page Builders for WordPress

Did you know there are close to 1.5 billion active websites on the internet? Over one-third of them are built on WordPress.

It is a challenge to make your website stand out amongst the crowd. Especially with so many websites before yours.

But, with a bit of creative flair and WordPress website builders, it is easy to create a unique website. The drag and drop builders make it easy to create custom layouts with blocks and widgets.

WordPress builders allow a layman with zero coding knowledge to create a website. Here are the top Drag and Drop WordPress page builders.


Divi pagebuilder

Visual editing makes the whole editing process much smoother. Divi editor allows you to make edits on the front-end. This way, you can see the changes as you’re making them.

Every edit you make happens in real-time. Over time, this cuts down on the time you spend making your website. You won’t have you wait for the loading duration to view the changes.

If you do know code, Divi allows you to edit with that as well. Designers can add their custom CSS lines with the builder’s visual design control. The result will be a truly unique website design.

One of the best parts of this page builder for WordPress is that it saves your editing history. If you make a mistake, you can go back to any of the previous versions throughout the lifetime of the website.

Divi has over 100 premade websites and over 800 website templates. These tools will help you get a kick-start on designing your website.

Apart from the designing aspect, Divi also gives you the ability to optimize your website for search engine ranking. The Bloom marketing plug-in and Monarch social media plug-in take your website to the next level. They help ensure your website is found by users.


Elementor page builder

Elementor is arguably the best drag and drop page builder for WordPress. It definitely is the most used one.

Elementor is an all-in-one website design and performance tool. You can control every aspect of the web design and workflow with Elementor. The editor is fast and intuitive and works on the front-end. This gives you a much-needed visual aspect whilst editing.

The builder has 300 designer-made templates tailored for specific website needs. The templates are a good base to start designing your website. Since Elementor is an open-source project, new themes are constantly being added. So you never run out of options.

The SEO of your website decides where search engines will rank your page. The higher you rank, the more visitors you get. Elementor has marketing elements that help your page rank higher.

Elementor’s visual form builder lets you create an element that your audience can interact with. This will lead to more conversions. It enhances your website’s performance and makes it load faster. This will also contribute to more page visits.

It is easy to integrate social and marketing tools on Elementor. With these tools and widgets like pricing tables and CTAs, your website is likely to rank much high on the search engine’s lists.


SeedProd page builder

A landing page is the first thing your audience sees when they click on your website from an external link. This may be a sign-up page, shop page, or even a contact page.

The landing page of your website decides how long a visitor will stay. An unimpressive page and the audience will click off immediately.

SeedProd is one of the best drag and drop builders, specialized for landing pages. SeedProd is a WordPress plugin that is fast and reliable.

This builder has hundreds of landing page templates, with more being added all the time. It also has blocks made specifically for landing pages. These help you remove the fluff and focus only on conversions.

It has a smart section with pre-built widgets like CTAs and headers. Any page built on SeedProd is automatically mobile responsive. So you don’t have to worry about changing the layout for different screen sizes.

One of the unique features of SeedProd is spam protection. For other builders, you may have to integrate another tool for this function. SeedProd automatically ensures bots and fraudulent users don’t tamper with the ReCaptcha. This will let you focus only on real conversions.

The builder has built-in Maintenance and 404 Pages so your viewers don’t end up on the wrong page. This will also help increase leads.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder page builder

Beaver Builder has a solution for all your problems. It has a page builder, a theme builder, an assistant plug-in, and countless other tools that make your website easier to build.

Beaver has been built keeping all the requirements in mind. It has tools for e-commerce merchants, freelancers, developers, and agencies. With one license, you can use Beaver on an unlimited number of websites.

The Assistant Plug-in is a productivity tool that makes editing the website easier. It lets you handle tasks and navigate through the website without having to go to the WordPress admin page.

If you want to, you can edit with code using Beaver. The platform supports PHP, CSS, and JavaScript. Because of this, you can add unique elements to your website that another may not have. This builder helps you make mobile responsive and SEO-friendly websites.

The best part of Beaver is the support available on the platform. There is a Beaver user community that will help you with any issues. And if that doesn’t work, the support staff are always there to answer your queries.

Themify Builder

Themify webpage builder

Themify is a completely free website designing tool that gives you complete creative freedom over the website. It uses drag-and-drop editing that works on both the back-end and front-end.

The builder’s column option lets you create any layout you want for the webpage. You can duplicate these grids easily on other pages if you want to.

User interactive elements like animation and parallax scrolling are easy to add with Themify. The builder has an easy-to-understand styling page that lets you customize every aspect of the page.

Themify has over 40 themes to help you create your website. These themes make it easy to get started on the design of your website. Themes are available for every type of website you want to create. The themes will have necessary elements that typically appear in that specific website genre. The Themify builder also works with external themes.

If the modules integrated with the builder aren’t enough, you can install add-ons. The add-ons help make your website more interactive and user-friendly.

Themify Builder Pro lets you create an entire website from scratch. It uses drag-and-drop to add elements and create your own WordPress theme. This way, the entire website is completely unique.

Pro themes can be exported and imported to different sites. A professional website builder can use this feature to build the website on their end. Transferring it to the client will be a piece of cake.

There you have it. The 5 best WordPress builders. Some are free, and you have to pay for some. But the benefits you get are worth it. If you want to build impressive landing pages, SeedProd is the way to go. For an all-around website builder, Elementor and Themify are the best options.