3 Reasons to Spark Your Charity Activity Online


Why do companies give to charity? There are at least 3 reasons behind that!

Reason #1: Return something to the society

Companies today are more and more aware of the environmental and social challenges we face and some concrete problems have been addressed by many charities that are requiring some financial backing. If a company takes care of, for example, the sustainable development goals, or is committed to be socially responsible, donating some charity is the answer.

In this way, many problems can be solved or at least addressed ranging from poverty through illness and migration to food banks. To the latter one, today one third of the food produced worldwide every year is thrown away while one fourth of it would be enough to feed the world population. In a time of enormous amount of food waste in developed countries (including Europe: 173 kilogrammes of food waste per person), the option for food donation (e.g. see this foodbank powered by WordPress) in case of supermarkets and hospitality industry in general is heavily appreciating.

Reason #2: Increase the reputation

Improving a company’s reputation by giving to charities is a good and efficient way forward. Giving to charities via donations will offer you long term benefits. In addition to donations, initiating crowdfunding is also an instructive way. In this respect, you can choose some WP themes designed especially for crowdfunding. A relatively new and robust one is Funding wordpress theme (see its live demo).

Reason #3: Increase short term profits

Firms may profit by offering donations to charity. According to laboratory experiences and empirical evidences, sellers are more preferred by buyers and they are more willing to pay more if the sellers are donating a charity as well. Studies found that if sellers donate 5% of their price to charity, the the willingness to pay by buyers increases with more than 5%! In this way, seller companies can charge higher prices and eventually realizing higher short term profits (to be potentially invested or spent on other social issues to enhance reputation even more).

As a consequence, excelling in donation is of key importance for the future of companies. Engaging in donation is easier with WordPress themes designed for such purposes. By using these WordPress themes, charities can also increase their visibility before firms that are seeking them to do donations.

Our recommended selection of Charity WordPress Themes

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