10+ Catchy Quotes from Scientists and Business People on Web-Design


Web-design seems to be a part and parcel element of our Internet age. Web-design thinking has been developing in an organic way and the works as well as opinions of today’s most famous web-designers (e.g. Ethan Marcotte, Chris Coyier, Andy Clarke, Sarah Parmenter etc.) are influencing further development path as well. But scientists and business people also have their opinion over web-development. Here you can read what should not be overlooked by any professional WP fan or web-designer.

  1. At least some of the time, web design gurus make good of the conditions of hyper-promotionalism which are not of their own making. ― Helen Kennedy (author of Net Work: Ethics and Values in Web Design)

  2. Digital information is forever. It doesn’t deteriorate. ― Andy Grove (the Hungarian-born co-founder of Intel Corporation)

  3. The integration process is built for a developer. ― Zohar Gilad (CEO, Wix.com)

  4. People tend to think of the web as a way to get information or perhaps as a place to carry out ecommerce. But really, the web is about accessing applications. Think of each website as an application, and every single click, every single interaction with that site, is an opportunity to be on the very latest version of that application. ― Marc Andreessen (co-founder of Netscape, co-founder and of Silicon Valley venture capital firm)

  5.  This is just the beginning, the beginning of understanding that cyberspace has no limits, no boundaries. ― Nicholas Negroponte (MIT Media Lab)

  6.  If you are dealing with a site that must call the users to action, use limited time offers. When you create scarcity, the perceived value of an item goes up. It’s called a theory of psychological reactance, which explains why we hate to miss out on a golden opportunity when presented with it.” ― Neil Patel (co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics)

  7. Wherever you are, design your life. Live the values of your generation. Your network is your filter. – Don Tapscott (opinion leader, author of the Grown Up Digital and The Digital Economy)

  8. You should view this year’s failure as next year’s opportunity to try it again. Failures are not something to be avoided. You want to have them happen as quickly as you can so you can make progress rapidly. ― Gordon Moore (co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of Intel Corporation, and the author of Moore’s law)

  9. Any client who refuses to pay upfront for your services is not worth working with. You can almost guarantee problems.― Nathan Powell (founder of Nusii.com)

  10. People love a good story behind a product, and apps are no exception. It makes it easier for them to get lost in the world of your app, and even develop an emotional attachment. Developed a game? What’s the background story behind it? It should be entertaining and out of the ordinary (like an epic war between birds and pigs…). ― Jonathan Saragossi (founder of IM Creator)